K-12 Academic Resources

Every major academic area is covered by the Teachtopia Education Network. 

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General Resources

Academic Resources that will are suitable for more than one subject area.

  • Grade Level Reading Lists
  • Lined Printable Writing Paper for all Grades  We have traditional lined paper as well as paper with places for pictures and more. 
  • Printable Cut-outs.    With a printer and scissor you could make incredible things with your students.
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Reader's Theatre   Our guide to teaching readers with Reader's Theatre in the classroom.s
  • Holiday Calendar  Every month of the year there are holidays to celebrate.
  • School Club Ideas  School clubs are  a great addition to the regular curriculum.
  • How to make a rubric
  • Museums that have virtual exhibits for online field trips
  • Sound Effects (for storytelling, theater, presentations)

Math Resources

Math Resources to help math learners from Pre-K to 12.

  • Elementary Math Printables   Math pages that you could print out and share with your students.
  • Math Mystery Pictures  Students love working with Math Mystery Pictures so much that we cave them their own category.
  • Math Formulas   A handy guide to several math formulas that students need to know.
  • Metric System  It is important for every student in the United States to be competent in the Metric System.
  • CGI Math- Cognitively Guided Instruction  
  • Math Manipulatives A modern math teacher has significantly more hands on tools than just counting bears.  (We do love counting bears though)
  • Using an Abacus, Soroban, and Rekenrek
  • Mental Math

Social Studies  Resources

Resources that help with History, Geography, and Social Studies in general.

  • Presidential Libraries
  • Teaching Famous Americans 
  • Primary Sources
  • Teaching the Constitution
  •  Political Cartoons and "Memes" to teach Social Studies.
  • Unofficial National Geographic Bee Study Guide
  • The California Gold Rush
  • Colonial America and The Revolutionary War

Language Arts Resources

Resources that teach Reading and Writing.

  • Award Winning Book Lists  
  • Benchmark Advance Resources 
  • Book Reports for Every Grade Level and multiple genres
  • Printable Book Reports 
  • Poem of the Week Poems and Questions
  • Writer's Workshop
  • Grammar Resources

Computer Science and Technology

Resources to help teach computer science and technology.

  • Teachtopia's Technology Buyer's Guide 
  • Teachtopia's How to Code Guide
  • Programming with Scratch
  • Guide to STEM and STEM Resources
  • Integrating Technology into your Classroom
  • LEGO CAD (Computer Aided design with LEGOS)
  • Learn to Type
  • MIT APP inventor
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Learning PYTHON
  • Learning to code with SWIFT

Science Resources

We have ideas to help you teach physical, life, and earth science.

  • The Next Generation Science Standards
  • Learning About Weather
  • Astronomy 

Language Learning

It is very important to study a language beyond one's native language.

  • Resources for Learning  Spanish   
  • Resources for Learning  French 
  • Resources for Learning  German 
  • Resources for Learning Mandarin
  • Resources for Learning Korean
  • Resources for Learning Japanese
  • Resources for Learning Hebrew
  • Resources for Learning Arabic
  • Resources for Learning Portuguese
  • Resources for Learning Hindi
  • Resources for Learning Italian

The Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts are essential to learning.

  • Teaching Famous Artists
  • Using Mandalas in Education

College Planning Resources

It is never to early to begin college planning.  College planning begins has three core areas to consider.  The academic prep, the financial prep, and the emotional readiness for college.

  • Financial Aid for College
  • The University of California System UC Schools
  • Cal State University System Schools
  • California Community Colleges
  • Resources for Learning Korean
  • State University of New York SUNY  system of schools

Homeschooling Resources

There is a nationwide community of ideas and support for families that wish to teach at home.

  • Teachtopia's Home School Resource Center

Teachtopia School Directory

Our directories of public and private schools in the United States.

  • Public School Directory for the United States
  • Private School Directory for the United States